Best Gas Grills under 200 USD

Need a gas grill, but your budget is limiting you? Don’t worry because we’ve found 5 of the best gas grills under 200 USD. These are decent grills suitable for those who want to save some extra cash but still get several years of service. While it might not be easy to choose since most manufacturers have flooded the market with grills of that price range due to demand, you still stand high chances of getting a quality grill that will serve its purpose well. To help you choose from a mountain of options available, here is a list of best gas grills under 200.

1. Char-Broil Performance 475 4-Burner

If you have a family, this gas grill is perfect for you not only because of its big size but also its efficiency. It comes with 4 burners offering enough space for grilling. Its 475 square inches cast iron grate and 175 square inches swing away rack are all porcelain-coated. It also features a side burner and a drip tray which you can easily remove for cleaning. It also comes with two small wheels that make it easier to move. The grill is made with stainless steel making it very durable, and you can as well increase its lifespan by buying the grill cover which is also made with stainless steel making this one of the best gas grills under 200.

2. Coleman RoadTrip LXX Portable Propane Grill

This is one of the most affordable and portable grills suitable for trips and backyard grilling. If you love going for camps or want to entertain a few friends for a get together in your backyard, this little grill from Coleman will serve you well. It comes with an impressive cook size of about 285 square inches with 20,000 BTUs. Its porcelain-coated cooking grates are easy to set and give a wonderful cooking experience. The amazing instant ignition quickly lights up the grill without the trouble of matches. What’s even amazing about this grill is the Swaptop interchangeable design that allows you to switch in stove grates or a griddle top.

3. Cuisinart CGG-180 Petit Gourmet Portable Gas Grill with Portable VersaStand

If you’re those kinds of people who love taking trips, you need this portable Cuisinart which is very solid and affordable. It is small and convenient for travellers and can accommodate 6-8 chicken breasts or 8 burgers at once. It is a single burner with 5,500 BTU and coated with porcelain. Its construction mainly consists of plastic and aluminum, but that’s more than you should expect from a gas grill of below $200. This grill is small enough to fit in your beach bag with 160-square inch and telescopic stand. You can use it as a freestand or as a tabletop and still serve you perfectly.

4. Weber Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

At less than $200, you can still get a very versatile grill that’s going to last you for several years. Weber Q1000 is great for your small backyard grilling and enables you to enjoy some delicious chicken or burger with your friends. It offers a single burner with 8,500 BTU and up to 189 square inches cooking space. It comes with push-button electronic ignition for easy and quick startup. The ignition control comes with valve settings for fine-tuning and better user experience. It features a porcelain-coated cast iron split grates. You can use this grill both at home and also for family camping trips. This is our choice for the best gas grills under 200.

5. Char-Broil Classic 360-3Burner

With the quality and kind of performance this burner brings, you will not believe you can get it for under $200. With a 3-burner, you’re guaranteed a huge cooking space. It also comes with a solid 30,000 BTU cook power and 360 square inches cooking space. It comes with a 170 square inches porcelain-coated wire warming rack. It has an electronic ignition for easier startup and comes with stainless steel inline for durability. The added steel lid and firebox also enhances its durability. The 6 inches cart-style wheels make it suitable to move it around easily. The 360 gas grill is perfect for home grilling for those who want affordable options.


At below 200 dollars, you should not expect much from a grill. But for simple grilling and a few features, you can still enjoy some grilled delicacies. These five grills still stand out with decent quality and efficient performance and some even offer more than you expect to get at that price range. You should, therefore, not deny yourself some drilling experience because of a limited budget. You should do thorough research to ensure you get the best gas grills under $200.

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